Hope is like a…

So, I am sitting in bed at 10:24pm on Tuesday evening waiting for the unisom to kick in and NOT looking up the 5 year survival rates of metastatic renal clear cell carcinoma. I am really, really good at looking up worst case scenarios on the internet. You know those people who have that one friend who digs up information on the internet on people they want to date? That’s me, but with really bad diseases. I’ve diagnosed myself with things Dr. House hasn’t even heard of. Anyway, now that I have an actual, real-life diagnosis that is scary, I can really get down the rabbit hole and FAST.

I technically don’t even know its metastatic yet. Lots of testing is happening this week. Tomorrow morning I go in early for a liver biopsy. If they are going in to remove my kidney, they need to know what’s going on with the liver so if needed they can resect that as well. Tomorrow afternoon, after the biopsy, I have an appointment with the GU cancer clinic. I meet with the urologist, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist. I’m very familiar with this process because of Brian’s journey, and I also worked oncology my first year out of nursing school. Then Thursday, I have a full day of testing starting at 7:30 am with a nuclear medicine bone scan, then a CT chest/abdomen/pelvis, then the other half of the bone scan, then a little break, then finally an MRI brain at 7:30pm. So grateful for my mom who took two more of her busiest days off to be with me through these stressful days. And of course grateful to Brian’s family who will be with him and the kids 24/7.

Its really hard for me to not be looking up cancer stuff. And saying that probably makes me seem like a pessimist, but hope springs eternal! I feel like it must be because of all of the many prayers being lifted for us, but I wake up every other day feeling pretty okay. Yesterday I cried all day long, literally, all day. But today I got up and while I was in the shower (where I get all of my best inspirations) a memory came to me.

I was babysitting the Cluskey’s. Kate was about 2 years old and we went outside to play. She bounded down the steps to the yard where she saw some dandelions that she scooped up and proudly exclaimed, “FLOWERS!!!” Greg rolled his eyes and said, “Kate, dandelions are weeds, not flowers.” Undeterred, Kate hugged them to her chest and shouted, “WEEDS!” with just as much admiration in her heart as if they were golden dipped roses.

It was at that moment that I decided that I would never be the kind of mother who told my children not to blow the dandelion seeds in the yard. I really love those little flowers. And they are very useful as well. You can eat the leaves and the roots. They are good for your liver, and my liver needs all the help it can get. I enjoy a drink called Dandy-Blend that’s made from dandelion root. It tastes like coffee but it doesn’t have caffeine. Its great hot or cold.

I decided that I would google dandelions instead of cancer today. I learned a lot. Did you know that the word dandelion translates from French as “Lion’s tooth?” And here is a list of common dandelion symbolism.

~Healing from physical injury and emotional trama

~Emotional and spiritual intelligence

~The warmth of the rising sun

~Surviving through all challenges and difficulties

~Youthful joy and long lasting happiness

~Fulfillment of wishes

All of this inspired so much hope in my heart and soul. Last night I was googling “hope is like a…” and a lot of things came up. Hope is like a feather, a road in the country, a set of car keys (?), a bird that senses the dawn.

I didn’t see “hope is like a weed,” but that’s what its like for me. No matter how much I try to get rid of it, it always seems to be back and multiplied in the morning. I can’t take all the credit for this. I feel that I am truly being uplifted by all of the many prayers being said on behalf of our family. For this I will be forever grateful. For these moments when I can’t stand alone, I am being carried by so many of my dear ones.

Credit: HGTV


9 thoughts on “Hope is like a…

  1. Lindsay, you are such a lovely person, and such a talented writer. Thank you for sharing your gift with us as you journey through the valley…filled with dandelions…


  2. Lindsay dear you are such an amazing inspirational woman to me ❤️. I admire your courage and kindness that is instilled in you ❤️I pray for you and your family every day my darling 🙏 You are simply a beautiful lady that is going through a way too much heart ache , I simply don’t understand why sometimes 😓 Love and hugs to you my dear ❤️


  3. You inspire me little lady. So glad for the year we spent together. I continue to pray hard for you and your family. Keep the faith…God has a plan even though it is hard to see right now. Prayers too for your long day of testing.


  4. God is with you and your family always. I have had my sister with me for over a year and she is also battling cancer, and now we are at the stage of talking with pallative care then next hospice to see what would be best. We really only have each other, but Blessed with extended family and our friends that are our chosen family. I wish I could write as beautiful as you, I know your mom from we and school and loved her the instant I met her. I feel that way about you by reading your life thru words. You are an angel on Earth💜 I will continue praying because it is The Best thing to do in every situation 🙏🏻. God bless you and your family and keep looking for “the weeds” Peace be to you💜


  5. This made me think of my Yiayia, who when she stayed with us, would go out into the yard and pick dandelions and eat them. As a teenager in the ’70’s with no such thing as internet, I worried about that. Was she crazy? No. She was resourceful and very aware of Gods purposes for that weed. Amazing! Your research confirms what my grandmother must have known way back then. 🙂 I will keep praying and praying for your continued strength every single day. ❤


  6. I love your writing. I think you should pull these together in a book. You are inspiring all of us with your courage and struggles. ❤


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