November 5th

I wanted to ask that everyone who reads these updates would please keep Brian’s dear mother, Kim, close in your hearts today. She won’t like this because she is even more private than Brian, but today is her birthday.

Since early September she has endured a great many trials. She lost her own mother, our dear Grandma Branch, and now she is navigating her way through the greatest loss a mother can experience. This has been such a hard year for everyone, but Kim’s had it just awful and she has been full of grace throughout each unrelenting new challenge.

There are lots of joys and sorrows for our families in November. My Dad’s birthday is the 3rd, then Kim’s on the 5th, Grandma Branch’s on the 6th, my Mom’s on the 17th, and Angelina’s is on the 29th. Brian’s Aunt Sandy passed away in November, and now Brian.

Last night I dreamt of Brian. I know it was taking place in real time because everyone was still here, even Brianna’s dog Cooper. I was sitting at the kitchen table and I was crying. All of a sudden, Brian came through the front door and into the kitchen. He scooped Cooper up into his arms the way Brianna does, the way he would never do in real life. haha. He noticed I was upset and he asked me what was wrong. I just looked up at him and I couldn’t remember why I was crying. He said, “well feel better! I just came from my appointments and I have no cavities, and my MRI was all clear!” Then I woke up.

He’s still here.

4 thoughts on “November 5th

  1. They do visit us in strange ways lol love this. Birthdays and holidays will change forever. We have changed our traditions for sure. Things aren’t ever the same but you can find joy in new traditions. I hope you all will be able to remember all the good times that can be comforting.


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